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Warsaw-based data center market leader

73 MW of DC power in total

Atman, the leader of the Polish data center market since 2011 (PMR reports), has 25-year experience as a data center operator and investor.

In December 2020, the company was acquired by Global Compute Infrastructure LP, a global data center infrastructure platform backed by the Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division, and led by former co-founders of Digital Realty.

Atman’s two data center sites in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, comprise eight up‑to‑date colocation facilities of 10,500 sq. m of IT space and 73 MW of total power. The existing data center campus is planned to expend by 3,600 sq. m of colocation space in the future.

In October 2023, Atman launched the construction of its next largest data center project to date. Atman Data Center Warsaw‑3 (WAW-3) will eventually have 43 MW of IT power. To begin operations at WAW‑3 in Q4 2024, Atman will construct one (of three) colocation building and prepare custom-equipped data halls for the customers leasing entire data halls (learn more).

PLN 1.35 billion for data center expansion

In April 2024, Atman secured the largest financing in Poland for data center expansion. The loan in the amount of PLN 1.35 billion will be used mainly for the construction of the WAW‑3 campus. The agreement was signed by six financial institutions from Poland and Europe: Bank Pekao S.A., ING Polska, Kommunalkredit Austria AG, mBank S.A. and PZU Group, among others. RBC Capital Markets provided Atman with advice and oversight throughout the negotiation of the agreement.

The agreement places great emphasis on non-financial aspects related to energy efficiency and corporate sustainability (ESG) in all areas. The goal of Atman‘s efforts is primarily to reduce energy consumption and have a positive impact on the economic, social and natural environment.

Warsaw view with Atman Data Center sites marked on illustratively

AI-Ready Data Center Infrastructure

For the sector of artificial intelligence and machine learining solutions, Atman offers a colocation space prepared to accommodate a large number of computing resources requiring high power density, hyper-efficient cooling and effective connectivity. In addition, to keep pace with the rapidly evolving AI technology, Atman is prepared to make agile changes to its DC infrastructure.

Large floor space and power capacity; a huge potential for further investment
Wide range of precision HVAC systems; ready to provide any technology required (e.g. liquid cooling)
Ready to support high density infrastructure: up to 50 kW per rack
Prepared for significant fluctuations in the load on the power and cooling systems
Ultra-low latency network connections in DC; high-bandwidth links to and from DC
Highly skilled and experienced technical teams ready to perform remote hands in minutes

9 Key Features of AI-Ready Data Center

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Polish Data Center Market

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Data center infrastructure highlights

in Warsaw (~10 km apart)
of technical space (net)
dedicated power supply
for power supply
for the last 10 years
with fuel for 48 h
precision cooling system
fire resistance
hot/cold aisle arrangement

* Design PUE for dedicated data hall case

Power systems: energy security and effectiveness

100% green energy

Atman Data Centers are powered by renewable energy. We have purchased guarantees of origin from renewable energy sources (RES) that cover the entire volume of electricity consumed by our colocation facilities.

Architecture with no single point of failure (SPoF)

The primary power systems in Atman Data Centers are designed with 2N redundancy. This means electricity is sent to the DC via doubled power connectors (each loaded at 50%) that run along different routes from the main/distribution power points. Likewise, all elements of the energy infrastructure within the DC campus are duplicated.

Ready for power outages

In the event of a power outage from the municipal grid, our UPS systems are automatically activated. The change of power source is immediate and seamless.

If an outage lasts more than several minutes, the work of the UPS systems is taken over by power generators. The fuel supply maintained at Atman Data Centers enables the generators to operate continuously for 48 hours. Our agreements with suppliers ensure that the fuel tanks are refilled within hours of our request.

Regular maintenance and tests

The operational efficiency of all components of Atman Data Centers’ power systems is ensured by periodic maintenance and servicing of the infrastructure performed in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations.

Moreover, we test backup power systems, including generators, on a monthly basis, so that they can be relied on 100% in case of an emergency.

Reducing energy consumption

When designing, building and equipping colocation facilities and data rooms, we have the highest possible energy efficiency in mind. We are also constantly seeking opportunities to reduce the energy consumption of the operational data center infrastructure. For example, we use ongoing repairs of our facilities to raise their energy efficiency standards by replacing energy-intensive infrastructure components.

As a long-standing participant of European Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency in Data Centres, we promote best practices and raise awareness among our colocation customers about efficient energy use. Whenever they need advice, or help with choosing energy-efficient solutions, our experts are ready, willing, and able.

Energy security is a must-have for business continuity


In colocation

  • Colocation space of any size: several server racks, a cage, dedicated data hall, a whole building/data center
  • Hall/facility can be arranged and equipped in accordance with your requirements
  • Customization of air conditioning parameters, battery operating time, UPS system (for a server hall/facility)

In other services

  • Multi-cloud approach, private connections to global clouds, and fiber-optic links to other data centers in Poland for distributed environment
  • Easy and quick expanding of your environment with our dedicated server or cloud services
  • Automated backup service, low-cost object storage space, active-active DRC, FWaaS, anti-DDoS protection, you name it

Full-scale connectivity

Policy of carrier neutrality

The uniqueness of Atman as a partner lies in its versatility and flexibility. It is both a data center operator and a telecommunications carrier. Atman’s domestic network is present in all important business centers in Poland, with nodes in their office buildings.

It also has PoPs in Frankfurt’s DE-CIX and Kiev’s Giganet, as well as direct interconnects to the Google Cloud Platform central-europe2 region and the Microsoft network, both in Warsaw.

Atman offers a wide range of telecommunications services, including Metro and Cloud Connects, IX Peering in its own Internet exchange, Tier 1 Transit, Internet Connect (with anti-DDoS protection and Microsoft Azure Peering Service on request), etc.

At the same time, Atman Data Centers are fully carrier-neutral: colocation customers can choose from more than 40 telecommunications carriers on-site, operating based on a transparent and frank carrier policy.


Atman's connectivity scheme


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Check how much you will save by colocating at Atman

Despite the volatility of prices on the exchanges, Atman is able to provide colocation customers with a level of energy costs that is somewhat lower or at least comparable to those offered by data center operators from FLAP-D markets. One of the factors that have a positive impact on power rates for equipment colocated in our country is government support in the form of compensation for companies.

The cost-effectiveness of moving IT infrastructure to Poland is also largely due to labor costs, which are still lower than in Western Europe – with similarly high quality of customer service and competent technical support. What’s more, this aspect of the Polish economy reduces the total cost of investment and therefore its depreciation, allowing data center operators in Poland to offer attractive colocation prices.


Data Centre Operations Standard from EPI (level-4)


Ensuring high availability of data center services requires periodic maintenance works, including system reviews as well as regular analysis and improvement of processes and procedures. Atman Data Centers are the only DC facilities in Europe to operate in accordance with the Data Centre Operations Standard – in 2019 they obtained EPI-DCOS certification at level-4. The audited DCOS disciplines were: Facilities Management, Data Center Operations, Monitoring / Reporting / Control and Service Level Management.

The highest possible score received means that:

  • Processes are clearly defined and provide predictable process performance
  • The defined processes clearly state the purpose, inputs, entry criteria, activities, roles, measures, verification steps, outputs, and exit criteria
  • Processes are monitored and measured for compliance and conformity and action is taken to improve the process where processes/procedures appear not to be working effectively
  • Staff have been trained on the processes and sub-processes; the training is pro-active and regular refresh is provided to ensure optimum performance
ISO 9001 – quality management

certyficate-ISO 9001

Atman operates a Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, regarding: delivery and maintenance of telecommunications services and data center services, including data transmission, Internet access, colocation, hosting, as well as dedicated servers and cloud computing.

ISO 9001 standard helps to:

  • Continually monitor and improve the efficiency of the operations
  • Be more and more resilient, operate and develop a sustainable business
  • Have strong corporate governance
  • Work effectively with stakeholders and the supply chain
ISO/IEC 27001 – information security management

Atman operations are based on the Information Security Management System compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2013, regarding: delivery and maintenance of telecommunications services and data center services, including data transmission, Internet access, colocation, hosting, dedicated servers and cloud computing.

ISO/IEC 27001 standard helps to:

  • Make sure that information is protected, available, and can be accessed
  • Identify risks to information and implement measures to manage or reduce them
  • Introduce procedures to enable prompt detection of information security breaches
  • Continually evaluate risks to the information security and make sure the controls are appropriate
PCI DSS v. 4.0


PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is an international standard that defines rules for protecting cardholder data. The PCI DSS v. 4.0 certification guarantees that Atman applies the highest security standards when storing, processing and transmitting payment card data. This is particularly important for customers of our colocation services, as it guarantees that Atman Data Centers comply with strict requirements regarding data protection and security levels.

Construction of Data Center Warsaw-3 is in full swing

First data hall will be ready near the end of 2024

Atman Data Center Warsaw-3 (WAW‑3) is designed to meet the needs of AI technology businesses and hyperscalers, among others. Its construction has been underway since October 2023, with the first of three buildings at the WAW‑3 DC campus scheduled for completion in Q4 of 2024. Initially, Atman will prepare data halls equipped according to the individual requirements of customers renting a server room as a whole.

  • Location: a 30-minute drive from downtown Warsaw; a walking distance from the Ozarow train station
  • IT power per building: 14.4 MW (target: 43 MW)
  • Power density: up to 50 kW per rack
  • 99.999% SLA for power, guaranteed power supply system with 2N redundancy
  • Highly effective CRACs with N+2 redundancy
  • IT floor space per building: 68,071 sq ft / 6,324 sq m (target: 204,213 sq ft / 18,972 sq m)
  • Carrier neutrality, redundant links, express routes to global clouds, IX access node

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