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Warsaw-based data center market leader

73 MW of DC power in total

Atman, the leader of the Polish data center market since 2011 (PMR reports), has over 20-year experience as a data center operator and investor.

In December 2020, the company was acquired by Global Compute Infrastructure LP, a global data center infrastructure platform backed by the Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division, and led by former co-founders of Digital Realty.

Atman’s two data center sites in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, comprise 8 up-to-date colocation facilities of 10,500 sq. m of IT space and 73 MW of total power.

The existing data center campus will soon expend by 3,600 sq. m of colocation space, as the construction works of another building are to begin this year. Also, Atman has plans of a greenfield investment in the third data center campus in Warsaw.

Warsaw view with Atman Data Center sites marked on illustratively

Data center infrastructure highlights

in Warsaw (~10 km apart)
of technical space (net)
dedicated power supply
for power supply
for the last 10 years
with fuel for 48 h
precision cooling system
fire resistance
hot/cold aisle arrangement


In colocation

  • Colocation space of any size: several server racks, a cage, dedicated data hall, a whole building/data center
  • Hall/facility can be arranged and equipped in accordance with your requirements
  • Customization of air conditioning parameters, battery operating time, UPS system (for a server hall/facility)

In other services

  • Multi-cloud approach, private connections to global clouds, and fiber-optic links to other data centers in Poland for distributed environment
  • Easy and quick expanding of your environment with our dedicated server or cloud services
  • Automated backup service, low-cost object storage space, active-active DRC, FWaaS, anti-DDoS protection, you name it

Full-scale connectivity

Policy of carrier neutrality

The uniqueness of Atman as a partner lies in its versatility and flexibility. It is both a data center operator and a telecommunications carrier. Atman’s domestic network is present in all important business centers in Poland, with nodes in their office buildings.

It also has PoPs in Frankfurt’s DEC-IX and Kiev’s Giganet, as well as direct interconnects to the Google Cloud Platform central-europe2 region and the Microsoft network, both in Warsaw.

Atman offers a wide range of telecommunications services, including Metro and Cloud Connects, IX Peering in its own Internet exchange, Tier 1 Transit, Internet Connect (with anti-DDoS protection and Microsoft Azure Peering Service on request), etc.

At the same time, Atman Data Centers are fully carrier-neutral: colocation customers can choose from more than 40 telecommunications carriers on-site, operating based on a transparent and frank carrier policy.


Atman's connectivity scheme


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We still have the lowest electricity costs in Europe

In Europe, energy is traded on the day-ahead market (SPOT) and the futures market. Rapidly rising prices for natural gas, coal, emission allowances and demanding atmospheric and hydrological conditions led to an increase in European SPOT prices to over €400 per 1 MWh in August 2022. In Poland, the average wholesale energy price was approx. €274 per 1 MWh at that time.

The most expensive country on the day-ahead market in August was Italy (on average €543 per 1 MWh). The quotes in Poland were among the lowest in Europe, surpassed only by those in the markets of the Iberian Peninsula, Scandinavia and Turkey.

At the same time, the average energy purchase price for a forward contract with delivery in 2023 (BASE Y-23) was €445 per 1 MWh in Europe. France led next year’s high electricity prices with €680 per 1 MWh. Meanwhile in Poland, energy traders expected €388 per 1 MWh. The country remains one of the cheapest in Europe in terms of energy costs.

Electricity costs in selected European countries (Eurostat, 1st half-year 2022)


Data Centre Operations Standard from EPI (level-4)

Ensuring high availability of data center services requires periodic maintenance works, including system reviews as well as regular analysis and improvement of processes and procedures. Atman Data Centers are the only DC facilities in Europe to operate in accordance with the Data Centre Operations Standard – in 2019 they obtained EPI-DCOS certification at level-4. The audited DCOS disciplines were: Facilities Management, Data Center Operations, Monitoring / Reporting / Control and Service Level Management. The highest possible score received means that:

  • Processes are clearly defined and provide predictable process performance
  • The defined processes clearly state the purpose, inputs, entry criteria, activities, roles, measures, verification steps, outputs, and exit criteria
  • Processes are monitored and measured for compliance and conformity and action is taken to improve the process where processes/procedures appear not to be working effectively
  • Staff have been trained on the processes and sub-processes; the training is pro-active and regular refresh is provided to ensure optimum performance


certyficate-ISO 9001ISO 9001 – quality management

Atman operates a Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, regarding: delivery and maintenance of telecommunications services and data center services, including data transmission, Internet access, colocation, hosting, as well as dedicated servers and cloud computing. ISO 9001 standard helps to:

  • Continually monitor and improve the efficiency of the operations
  • Be more and more resilient, operate and develop a sustainable business
  • Have strong corporate governance
  • Work effectively with stakeholders and the supply chain


ISO/IEC 27001 – information security management

Atman operations are based on the Information Security Management System compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2013, regarding: delivery and maintenance of telecommunications services and data center services, including data transmission, Internet access, colocation, hosting, dedicated servers and cloud computing. ISO/IEC 27001 standard helps to:

  • Make sure that information is protected, available, and can be accessed
  • Identify risks to information and implement measures to manage or reduce them
  • Introduce procedures to enable prompt detection of information security breaches
  • Continually evaluate risks to the information security and make sure the controls are appropriate

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